ENEOS KIA eco tecnology 10W30 1lit

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High performance engine  oil with excellent Fuel Economy; specially designed for Japanese and Korean automobiles. ENEOS Premium 10W30 provides wide range engine protection against the harmful effects of stop-and-go driving and high  &  low  temperature  engine  operation.  Recommended  for all  petrol  engines  (multi-valve  and  turbo  types,  with  or without  catalytic  converter),  LPG  engines  and  diesel  engines  (turbo-charged  or  naturally  aspirated)  in  cars  and  light commercial vehicles.

  1. Fuel Savings & low emissions
    Genuine  universal  engine  oil  formulation  to  meet  the advanced  Fuel  efficiency  and  emission  standards across  the  range  of  engines  in  cars  and  light commercial vehicles.
  2. Outstanding Engine Protection
    Innovative lubrication technology to offer total engine protection during the three stages of the drive cycle  – start-up, warm-up and normal driving conditions.  
  3. Reduced Engine wear & Clean Engines
    High  level  of  detergency  and  dispersancy  minimizes low  &  high  temperature  sludge  formation  leading  to the cleaner engines. The reduced deposits and freedom of  ring  sticking  in  the  engine  leads  to  longer  engine and component life.
  4. Seal Compatibility
    High Oxidation & thermal stability of this oil ensures that the important engine seals stay soft and pliable to minimize oil leakage


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